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Go out for a visit in foreign aid training Course

In order to make the foreign participants have a deeper understanding of the experience of disease prevention and control in China and Chinese cultural heritage, the foreign aid training course organized by JIPD enriched the form of courses and increased activities constantly.

During the training course, the foreign participants went to Nanjing, Liyang and other places to investigate and further understand the strategies and measures for infectious diseases prevention and control in China. Through visiting the Kunming pharmaceutical factory in Yunnan,  foreign participants can understand the research and development process of pharmaceutical companies in China. Through visiting Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and other places, they can learn about Chinese culture, social and economic development.

The measures of visiting outside have further expanded China's international influence. Most of the foreign participants came to visit China for the first time and they were surprised by our achievements in construction. They also witness the rapid development and the achievements in infectious diseases prevention and control of China. Through this training course, the foreign participants not only understood our infectious disease prevention policy and some specific experience, but also formed a deeper knowledge of the current diagnosis and treatment of HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, schistosomiasis and other infectious disease as well as new technologies and methods for media control and drug research and development. In particular, going outside to some relevant infectious disease epidemic scene help trainees understand China's disease prevention and control system and other achievements more intuitively.