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Cultural exchange in foreign aid training Course

The foreign aid training course is not only the communication and training of experience for infectious disease prevention and control, but also provides a platform for cultural exchanges between China and other countries, which further promotes the friendship between Chinese and the foreign people. In recent years, the content and form of cultural exchanges are multiple and very popular among our foreign participants.

A series of activities of “Our Festival” mainly introduces the festival customs and culture of China to the foreign participants and the vivid PPT display deepened their impression. In May 2017, when it was the Dragon Boat Festival, we introduced the history and origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, and invited the foreign participants to taste the “Traditional Chinese rice-pudding”, so that they could feel the flavor of the Chinese festivals.

We also went to Jiangnan University to visit and communicate and the teachers their shared Chinese tea culture. All the foreign participants were taught to distinguish all kinds of tea, how to boil and drink tea, and many of them loved Chinese tea culture through personal experience and taste. In addition, they also visited the national costume museum, the sculpture museum, the calligraphy museum and the science and technology museum. The foreign participants learned more about Chinese folk art and culture from these activities, which promoted the development of Chinese traditional culture.

Birthday party was also an essential communication activity for each foreign aid training course. Colleagues from the department of science and education carefully recorded the birthday information of each foreign participants and celebrated collectively on their birthday month. The form of the birthday party was free, and the foreign participants wore their national costumes, sang and danced, and shared their own national culture and art, which pushed the atmosphere to the highest degree and promoted the friendship between them.

Cultural exchanges are an important link between Chinese and the foreign people. We also constantly updated and improved in our experience and summary in order to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and to cultivate cultural diversity for a deeper field.