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Cultural exchange fellowship between China and Africa

In July 30th, the fourth venue of Jiangsu Institute of Schistosomiasis was filled with laughter. 30 trainees who came to participate the “2017 French-African malaria prevention and control technology training course” and youth volunteers from our institute gathered together and held a special cultural exchange meeting.

At the beginning of the event, the young volunteers introduced Chinese characters to the African trainees. The trainees understood the mystery of Chinese characters through the introduction of the origin, characteristics and changes of it. The volunteers also introduced the origin, classification and implication of the Chinese knot, and presented the Chinese knot with the best wishes to every trainee. The representatives also volunteered to try to write the Chinese name of their country with their writing brush. The activity of pictionary greatly stimulated trainees' interest and further deepened their cognition and understanding of Chinese culture. The volunteers taught them some simple and practical mandarin dialogue. The trainees showed great interest and tried to read with a slightly odd tone, which made everyone laugh. Several trainees also volunteered to practice short dialogues and their accurate pronunciation won our applause.

In the afternoon, young volunteers showed the African trainees about the making process of Chinese traditional food-wontons and dumplings. The African trainees seriously studied the making process and were eager to try under our instructions. It was so good because it’s their first time, though some dumplings they made looked like stuffed buns. Everyone present was very pleased with the taste of their own unique craftsmanship.

The event came to an end in the cheerful chatting and laughing of trainees. Cultural exchanges between China and the foreign countries won the unanimous praise of the trainees, promoted the friendship between Chinese and foreign members, deepened mutual understanding, promoted exchanges between us, and further developed the extensive and profound cultural heritage of China.