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Development and application of an AllGlo-probe based qPCR for detecing kdr mutation in Anophleles sinensis

AnophelessinensisisoneofthemostimportantmalariavectorsinChinaandotherSoutheastAsian countries.Highlevelsofresistancehavebeenreportedinthisspeciesduetothelong-termuseofinsecticides,especiallypyrethroid
Anopheles sinensis is one of the most important malaria vectors in China and other Southeast Asian countries. High levels of resistance have been reported in this species due to the long-term use of insecticides,especially pyrethroids, for public health and agricultural purposes. Knockdown resistance (kdr) caused by a single base
pair mutation in the gene encoding the sodium channel is strongly associated with pyrethroid insecticide resistance in many Anopheles mosquitoes. There are few methods currently available for detecting kdr mutations in An. sinensis.