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Volunteer service of foreign aid training course


In order to promote the activity of “the Quality Service”, the department of science and education recruited volunteers according to the spirit of “dedication, friendship, cooperation and progress” and focused on the platform of foreign aid training course to carry out volunteer service activities.

Careful service. Preparation of relevant issues before each course; coordination with vehicles and personnel for pick up; arrangement of the courses, coordination with the teachers, translation of the contents of the curriculum; preparation of life and study materials. With comprehensive services to ensure the smooth running of the training course. Volunteers ensure the smooth development of the training course with comprehensive services.

Patient service. Because the trainees are from different countries and their living customs vary, our staff asked and recorded the differences carefully and then feedback to the departments of dining, housing and other services at the first time to satisfy the requirement of the trainees. We also carefully recorded the birthday information of each trainee and celebrated collectively on their birthday month to make them feel at home.

Intimate service. Although there are some differences between Chinese and African cultures, this does not block the cultural communication and sharing. The volunteers carried out a variety of festival cultural exchange activities, and went to Jiangnan University to share the profound cultural heritage of Chinese tea, Chinese folk costume, sculpture art, calligraphy and painting.    

Voluntary service. Whether studying, or visiting outside, shopping or having activities, volunteers were inseparable and served as an interpreter and tour guide. Such thoughtful service touched many trainees.

Volunteer service is commonplace, but the spirit and ideal of volunteer service is lofty. Foreign aid service is also an important component of the diplomatic friendship. When it comes to “the Quality Service Month”, volunteers built the brand of “heart bridge” and promoted the spirit of “dedication, friendship, cooperation and progress” with their Sincere and considerate service. They reflected the service in all aspects practically and served the foreign aid training with high level and quality service, which let the international trainees recognize a high quality volunteer service team with high ideological quality, strict management, perfect work attitude and excellent skills.